Would you like to turn your happiness into a habit?

Perhaps you’re a person who is naturally smiley. You see the positives around you, bounce back from adversity, and offer support and encouragement to people around you. You flow through life with a certain clarity.

Or perhaps you’re naturally more downbeat. You tend to pick up on negatives, sink deeper into your problems, and tend to draw energy from those around you. You feel little sense of purpose and get knocked out of shape a little too easily.

These inherent, natural qualities establish your ‘baseline’ of happiness.

The good news is that we are not stuck on this baseline, we can learn to be happier. It’s simple (but not easy). Make the choice to focus on your happiness. Explore, and learn what works for you.

Then, in your daily life, build the right habits. And step towards happiness in your thoughts and actions.

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